Friday, July 28, 2017

Wildlife Right at Home

I live across from an open field and hill.  Often there are animals that like to graze or hang out in that field which makes for some interesting and fun photographic opportunities.

I chose not to do too much editing on these photos.  
Some of my fellow photographers would say that I 
should adjust the colors and crop the images until 
they were not even close to what I started with.

The only editing I did was to watermark and rename 
the files in a batch process using Adobe
Photoshop Elements 6.0.

Sometimes I prefer to see the image like I
originally took it.

Images were taken with my Canon EOS Rebel XT, less 
commonly known as the 350D.

I set it to, Shutter Priority at 1/320 second 
which is an oddball setting but I chose it.  
The Aperture varied with each shot but was 
between F6.3 and F13, averaging mostly F8.0


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Images from Iraq 2006 Revisited

Al Faw Palace, Bahgdad, Iraq 2006
I still marvel at the architecture I had an opportunity to see in Iraq.